2012-13 Science Project/Fair Information


This page will provide information and links for the science project and science fair that you will be involved in. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding your project.


Mr. Coski


Tips on selecting a project


Project Ideas


Last Years Science Fair Information Packet


Project Requirements (also see Science Fair Information Packet)



Science Project Phases:


Phase I: (10 points)

       Choose 3 possible topics or projects that you would be willing to conduct. We will narrow it to one that you will complete this year. (DUE FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26TH). Topic Selection Link


Phase II: (10 points)

       Complete Science Fair Entry Form and turn into me by (DUE: EXACT DATE COMING. PROBABLY SOMETIME IN FEBRUARY OR MARCH 2013).


Phase III: (10 points)

       Background Research Plan. Identify and brainstorm keywords related to your project question. Then generate research questions to help understand the project results better. (DUE: SOMETIME IN MARCH 2013).


Phase IV: (10 points)

       Background Research Paper 1st Draft (DUE: SOMETIME IN MARCH 2013).


Phase V: (15 points)

       Hypothesis, Materials list & Hypothesis Test Procedure (experiment/investigation). Submit details as to how you will conduct your project (i.e., List the statement of the problem, hypothesis, and explain in detail how you will test your hypothesis including the materials needed (DUE: SOMETIME IN APRIL 2013).


Phase VI: (20 points)

       Background Research Paper Final Draft (DUE: SOMETIME IN APRIL 2013).



Phase VII: (100 points)

       Complete your science fair project & display for submittal to the Central Coast Science Fair to be held in Vandenberg Middle School MPR FRIDAY, MAY 31ST and SATURDAY, JUNE 1ST OF 2013.

       You will present your project at the science fair, which includes telling the judges about your problem or question, the benefit(s) of solving the problem, the procedure you followed, and your findings (or conclusion).