Life Science Resource Center

Extra Credit (you must first see me before doing one of these)


500 Word Report on one of the following subjects (no more than one 10 point assignment per grading term unless permission is given for more than one):

         10 points: Discuss both sexual and asexual modes of reproduction in Starfish. Asexual fragmentation occurs when a starfish is cut into pieces and some of them develop into new starfish. How big does the starfish part have to be to develop into a new starfish?


        10 points: Causes of Mass Extinctions of animals (as shown in the fossil record).


        10 points: How do whales communicate, and can people mimic their communication style to have them swim different directions?


        10 points: Rhesus monkeys lifestyle, habits, and habitat. Also, address the question of whether the diet of pregnant female monkeys affects what gender their young will be.


        10 points: What genes determine fur color in mice and how do they work.


        10 points: How do Snowshoe rabbits change their fur color (white in winter snow & brownish gray in summer)?


        10 points: Is the gender of turtles determined by temperature of egg incubation? If so, how does it work?


        10 points: Tyrannosaurus rex front arm purpose: What did this dinosaur use its front arms for? Compare this dinosaur with other creatures that have similar anatomy (such as a kangaroo, etc.).


        10 points: Origin of life research: What is the latest thinking on how life may have first came into being?


Include in your report a Bibliography listing a minimum of three references that show where you got your information from for this report.